Happy Halloween: Try Some Dexter Gaming

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Happy Halloween: Try Some Dexter Gaming

Remember Dexter? That Showtime series that impressed a lot of people with the story of a serial killer with a set of ethics who eventually became a father? Though the series may no longer be around outside of the home video realm, the series isn't as dead as the Ice Truck Killer thanks to a new mobile game, "Dexter: Slice."

It's not a role playing game, or a game where you pursue serial killers via point-and-click adventure fun. No, this is a puzzle game, where the object is to use your touchscreen to keep from getting, well, sliced.

In the game, users get a glimpse of a field full of really, really sharp knives. Irresponsibly sharp, in fact. Users move the knives out of the way and reveal buttons needing pressed, but those who fail to press the buttons and take their hands away before the knives fall back into place will be treated to some rather disgusting results.

Further good news, this is a title packed with at least low-grade star power. James Remar, who played Dexter's father Harry, will narrate, and Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, is set to offer his own voice for add-on content this December. The whole game was created by Sega alum Ed Annunziata, who created Ecco the Dolphin.

Dexter was a big franchise, but emphasis must be put on the "was." Dexter was huge, roughly three years ago, when it finally cut out. How do you get a groundswell of support for a game of a series that ended three years ago? That's a challenge, yes, but there's likely plenty of people who remember it, and these people will help propel the game into some decent sales.

Those who want to see how well this all comes out will want to take advantage of a special deal; through Halloween, it's just $3 to get in. With so little cash on the table, it might be worth seeing how Dexter's re-emergent adventures come out.

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