And That's It For the Wii U, Reports Say

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And That's It For the Wii U, Reports Say

Well, stick a fork in one entrant in the newest generation of the console wars. New reports out of several directions suggest that Nintendo is planning to stop production of the Wii U this year, getting Nintendo almost completely out of the console market for good.

Reports suggest that Nintendo will be shifting focus from the Wii U and the 3DS to the Miitomo and other mobile games, along with the Nintendo Switch and the rumored NX. Reports note that Nintendo has already shut down some of the Wii U accessory line, which drives a nail into the coffin.

Though Nintendo didn't officially say as much--the reports note a Nintendo spokesman noting that the reports were "not an announcement from the company"--but there's certainly more that a little possibility that this will turn out true.

Nintendo has been badly beaten this round; as far ahead as the Wii was, that's about how far behind the Wii U is now. For Nintendo to try and stick around in the console wars, it may simply not be able to hold up. Nintendo's consoles have been underpowered for some time, and often dependent on gimmicks. Even the Wii, impressive as it was, never had any game that could be called a graphical powerhouse. It was always about the controls and the gameplay. Without the graphics, it can only go so far, and the Wii U demonstrated as much perfectly.

It doesn't look good for the Wii U, though Nintendo's new focus may ultimately give it the leg up it needs as a corporation to remain viable.

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