Resident Evil VII's Bonuses Ratchet Up the Creepy Factor

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Resident Evil VII's Bonuses Ratchet Up the Creepy Factor

I've seen some creepy game-related merchandise before--most of use remember the significant squick factor that came with Dead Island's bikini torso premium--but those bonuses for Resident Evil VII may represent the creepiest bonuses I've seen in some time. How creepy are we talking about here? Brace yourselves, because things are going to get unpleasant, yet not too unpleasant.

For those willing to drop $180 and go to GameStop for their games, there's one monster of a surprise waiting. Not only is there a copy of the game, as would be expected, but it also boasts a mansion-shaped music box which plays the game's theme song, "Aunt Rhody." Plus, the music box comes with a set of LED effects that match up with the music, a clever addition. There's a lithograph of the Baker family, a "creepy note" from the characters as well, and a box shaped like a VHS cassette which holds a four gigabyte USB drive.It's part of a release from Project Triforce, who's been involved in several video game merchandise products like Halo and Mass Effect, among a slate of others.

However, it's that USB drive that might throw things over the line. That drive in question is shaped like a severed human finger. Thematically appropriate, granted, but a severed human finger USB drive isn't exactly family-friendly, and certainly lends itself well to a creepy overall environment. It's not the kind of thing I'd want to try and explain at the airport, but for the game, it fits. It's the only real problem with this package; the mansion music box seems to be a terrific way to capitalize on the game's overall theme, and the VHS box works nicely and makes sense. The finger drive, however, is what really takes this thing over the top.

So for those looking for an exciting new way to enjoy an upcoming game, the new Resident Evil VII pack should deliver creepy thrills aplenty, and maybe even a little awkwardness for anyone carrying the finger drive around.

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