Pyle Announces New Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar

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Pyle Announces New Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar

An exciting new twist recently emerged for gamers out there who want a new level of experience in their gaming, no matter what the platform. More specifically, it's the Pyle Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar, and this could be a real champ for most any gaming level.

Pyle's new Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar offers two one-inch tweeters, a built-in FM stereo receiver with 20 presets, and an included remote. It can connect to systems remotely with Bluetooth access, and also offers a 3.5 mm jack to let it hook to most anything with a headphone jack.

Admittedly, I've never heard Pyle speakers before, so I can't speak to their audio quality. But a system that's able to take a 3.5 mm jack means a lot of versatility on the hoof. It would be able to connect fairly readily to a laptop or desktop PC, and it probably wouldn't take much to connect it to a game console or television, making it potentially a complete solution to the issue of sound in gaming.

Sound is a vital part of gaming, as it helps project the ultimate atmosphere for good or ill. It transmits threat, improves fun, and generally takes what's already in play and augments it to make it even more apparent to the player. Without sound, many of our favorite games lose a lot of their impact. Having the right speakers, meanwhile, can take a mediocre game and give it some extra spice.

I can't speak to how well this will do, but given what's known about it so far, it might well be worth a closer look.

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