2017 in Gaming: What to Look Forward To

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2017 in Gaming: What to Look Forward To

The great thing about every new year in gaming is that it brings with it lots of new opportunities. Exciting new titles, new developments, and even some stuff that we couldn't see coming even if we wanted to. Which for the most part we do. So with 2017 now three days old, I figured it was a good opportunity--especially since we just ran down some of the worst that last year could offer--to take a more upbeat and optimistic look forward at what's to come in 2017.

Sea of Thieves

Rare has been known for a lot of things over the years, including being Nintendo's action game factory for several years. Sea of Thieves--due out in February, though just when in February is as yet unclear--is a much greater departure than most might have seen coming. It actually represents what may be the first open-world gaming title from the company, which revolves around piracy and potentially exploration on the side. It's going to be a very unusual piece, and something to look forward to thanks to its unusual gameplay and its even more unusual maker.

State of Decay 2

I have long described State of Decay--as long as it's existed, anyway--as the greatest zombie apocalypse simulator ever crafted. With good reason, too; this game actually manages to simulate the salvaging efforts and rebuilding that would likely take place in such an event as the world attempts to rebuild and recover. Now, a second version--this time specifically crafted for a next-generation console--is set to emerge later this year. Considering how good the first one was, more of the same here would be a downright treat, and if they manage to improve on it as the next-generation console status implies, it will be a real winner indeed.

Bethesda Game Studios' wildcard

We're in a strange period for Bethesda Game Studios. When November 2017 comes around, it will have been two years since Fallout 4 arrived. Given when we know so far about Bethesda's development cycles and the little bit that's emerged about Bethesda's future plans, there's a possibility--slim but there--that November 2017 could see another new game from the company. Potentially the still largely unknown release known as "Starfield", or potentially something else altogether, we may be looking at a release of some fine Bethesda Game Studios work, and that's a fine thing to look forward to as 2017 starts its early days.

Dead Island 2, Maybe?

This particular game has been in limbo for years now--since 2012, by some reports--but there are still projected dates suggesting that this could be the year that Dead Island 2 becomes anything more than a trailer and some vague footage. With even the plot still shaky--though reports suggest we're still California-bound--it's unclear if it will make it out this year. This may be the year, though, and hopefully we'll see Dead Island make its grand reappearance this year.

That's just a start, frankly; there's quite a bit to look forward to, from a Ghost Recon open world game to a slew of horror games, 2017 is looking like a bright spot on the horizon. With E3 a little over six months out, we'll have a lot to look forward to and a lot to do until the big show hits. Lots of exciting propositions are inbound for 2017, and only 2017 itself will tell us what hits and what doesn't.

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