CES 2017: Razer Steps Up its Gaming Game

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CES 2017: Razer Steps Up its Gaming Game

With CES 2017 now at an end--and a panoply of goods set to arrive on the market in rapid fashion--the gaming market saw some thoroughly impressive new options coming out, and we'll be able to enjoy these new products throughout the year. Razer, already well-known in the market for its gaming products, joined in the fray, showing off two new exciting new gaming display modules.

Project Ariana--the first cryptically-named display project from Razer--is a complete gaming wall. It works with a television to use an entire wall as a much wider display, showing off the background elements on the wall and using the monitor display as the vector for the main action elements.

That's pretty awesome as it is, but Project Valerie throws a whole new dimension into things. A laptop with three separate monitors supported by side hinges, it brings desktop PC gaming display capabilities to a highly portable device. It's currently the first such laptop to include three built-in 4K monitors, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology backing things up.

These are excellent examples of improvements in gaming displays, and while they may not exactly be popular items--Project Ariana's display capabilities aren't exactly top-notch even among projectors and it's entirely possible that Project Valerie will be at risk of unexpected breakdown--they certainly do represent some exciting new advancements. That's half the point of CES, after all; showing off new innovations and eventually making them available for purchase. That's great news for us, though it doesn't always end well.

Razer's got some great ideas here, and we should be seeing these available in fairly short order. They may not work out when they hit, but just trying it out will be worthwhile.

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