Nintendo Switch Likely to Widely Outsell the Wii U

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Nintendo Switch Likely to Widely Outsell the Wii U

With the Wii U now pretty much a dead stick, having provided about as many games in its lifetime as Sony and Microsoft might bring out in a couple months, all eyes are on the Nintendo Switch. But will this system make Nintendo a figure worth talking about in the console space again? The current figures aren't exactly sure, but it's a safe bet that the Switch will at least do better than the Wii U did.

Projections from DFC estimate that the Switch will sell roughly 40 million consoles over the next three years, which is an exciting proposition. In fact, that's nearly three times what the Wii U sold, showing both how bad off Nintendo was beforehand and how much better off the Switch will likely to be. While some are skeptical of the Switch's capabilities--the webcomic VG Cats did a fine job of showing how inherently ludicrous a console-powered mobile device was given that Nintendo already sold portable devices in its recent release titled "My Strange Addiction"--others believe that it will deliver an exciting new option that will allow users to play mobile just as readily as they play at home.

Of course, it would leave the Nintendo lagging Sony, the current front runner, but it would actually put Nintendo ahead of Microsoft, as the Xbox One sold just 26 million consoles in its first three years of operation. With a new console likely to hit by the end of this year, though, we may have a bit of a fight on our hands. It's especially true given that the Switch appears to be a match for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Given that both of those consoles have been in play for just over three years now, however, a new console generation will likely be showing up. There are also some updates planned like the Project Scorpio release from Microsoft.

The good news is that the Switch should be a significant improvement sales-wise over the Wii U. It may not be a match for the "it prints money" stand that the Wii took, but it's got some very real potential here to deliver value for Nintendo. It's going to need to sell enough units to make a decent install base for third-party providers to offer games--a huge problem for the Wii U--but with this version on hand, it may well pull it off.

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