Nintendo Switch Offers Value in Online Connection

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Nintendo Switch Offers Value in Online Connection

Nintendo's outings in the console market have been less than well received lately, with the company's fates collapsing ever since the release of the groundbreaking Wii system. Now, Nintendo will have to compete against systems commonly regarded as more powerful than its own releases at the outset, and Nintendo's looking to provide value in other areas, like the online connection cost.

The new reports suggest that Nintendo Switch will allow users to play online for about half the cost of Microsoft and Sony alternatives, running under $30 a year. That's going to represent a significant value for Nintendo gamers, and one that might give it an edge in the market going forward.

Since some of the Switch's biggest games--like Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers--will require online play on at least some level (it's not known as yet just how much online connectivity will be required or if such connectivity will be charged for) to get the most out of them, being able to connect on a budget will be a welcome development if it goes in the direction it might.

There's also been some discussion over Nintendo's upcoming VR plans, particularly the use of the new Joy-Con controllers that the Switch is slated to use. It's not much discussion as yet--it's mostly centered around one quote from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima--but notes that Nintendo's actively working on "...resolv(ing) the issues with playing comfortably for long hours..." which will then be put into play as soon as possible.

Granted, most probably aren't framing their buying decisions on the ongoing costs of connection. However, it's certainly part of the process, and if Nintendo can be the "value provider," it may find a niche market that's eager to be tapped. That could give it an edge by keeping it out of the ongoing fray between Microsoft and Sony.

With the market about to change in a big way with new product releases, any impact in the market will bear close study. This is a point that could bear watching, and may give Nintendo a leg up in this rapidly-changing market.

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