New Details Emerge on Bethesda's E3 Show

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New Details Emerge on Bethesda's E3 Show

After the 2015 E3 event, where Bethesda stunned a nation of gamers by both revealing its long-awaited Fallout 4 release and announcing its release date less than six months later, Bethesda's E3 show became one of the first big things to look forward to about arguably the biggest gaming show on Earth. Now, new details have slipped out about the 2017 Bethesda event, and depending on how far you want to take rumor and conjecture, we could be in for a doozy of a 2017 in gaming.

First, the company's opening things up once again to regular folks, though it's not immediately clear just how those regular folks will be included. Some suggest a lottery or drawing system, while others figure it might be first-come-first-served. Though while the mechanics aren't clear, what's clear is that regular players will be allowed in in some percentage alongside the likely live-streaming event.

Additionally, the event's time and date has been established, so set your clocks for 6:30 PM Pacific time--do the math to apply that to your own time zone--on June 11. So yes, just over two months until we get our latest look at what this largely reclusive studio's got planned.

The theme of the show, "Welcome to Bethesdaland" is another thrilling notion, especially after many of us recently got finished with the Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC. Interestingly, while Bethesda often points out some of the characters in the IP it owns, which drives speculation like no tomorrow, Bethesdaland seems largely uninhabited by past characters. The meaning behind this move is unclear, but it's got plenty wondering all the same just what Bethesda's saying by saying so little in its teaser art.

One of the biggest things sparking conjecture is that Microsoft has moved its conference back to Sunday as well, about four and a half hours ahead of Bethesda's. Given that Microsoft and Bethesda have been close in the past--remember what a trial it was getting some of those games on Sony systems?--some wonder if perhaps there's a more solidified connection between the two companies now. Bethesda's Pete Hines actually noted on Twitter that the company had "So many things to tell you and show you...."

In fact, it's got me wondering, and even I know this is a long shot but it's still got some basis. Remember when Bethesda noted that there was a lot they wanted to do with Elder Scrolls 6, but couldn't do because the technology wasn't there? Well, we know that Microsoft's going to show off Project Scorpio at the big event this year, so maybe, just maybe, Elder Scrolls 6 will get its debut. Even I kind of doubt this one--there were some earlier references to "big projects" out at Bethesda pointing to a completely new IP this year--but it's certainly conceivable.

It's the standard story with Bethesda; we're likely going to have plenty to see this year, as is commonly the case. There will likely be talk of Fallout 4 VR--which will go quite well on Project Scorpio, so maybe that's the link--and potentially some exciting new IP from Bethesda Game Studios to step it up from being a two-button system. Bethesda Game Studios is the only game studio that produces any quality material in that company as far as I'm concerned--I finally got to trying The Evil Within and got profoundly annoyed by the stealth stage that started it immediately--so when they talk, I listen.

We've got a long way to go until then, and leaks will likely follow. I'm certainly looking forward to getting the information on this, but even more so, the games themselves.

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