EA Changes its Mind on Nintendo Switch Support

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EA Changes its Mind on Nintendo Switch Support

There's some good news for Nintendo recently emerged as the company announced that its level of support for the Nintendo Switch system was going up. Originally pegged as "cautious," it's now gone clear to "bullish", and that likely means more Nintendo Switch titles coming out in short order.

The Switch has been doing quite well so far, though the initial launch has been marred somewhat by the potential that this would end up like the Wii U. The Wii U had a fairly sound launch as well--though not as good as the Switch--and its launch quickly fell apart when it became clear that there was to be virtually no third-party gaming connected with this system.

That's not likely to be a problem with the Switch, as EA noted with a recent earnings call. Apparently, the strong launch got EA's attention, suggesting that it's a market that can't be readily ignored. EA's CEO Andrew Wilson noted that company felt "really good about it," and was looking forward to bringing "...a whole new player base into the ecosystem."

In fact, some are seeing a "virtuous cycle" in the making here, a reasonable response to given conditions. Essentially, Nintendo Switch's strong sales made game makers think that this was a viable system, and thus started developing games for it. With more games available, that draws in more gamers' interest, and that means more system sales. More system sales draw in new game makers, and the whole thing starts all over again. The opposite of this, a vicious cycle, is what we saw with the Wii U: light sales kept makers away, and lackluster game availability keeps players away from that system, which means lighter sales and makers staying even more aggressively away.

While EA isn't announcing specific release plans--E3 is just under a month away now, can you believe it?--we may well see some of those specific plans coming up soon enough. That's good news for us, and great news for Nintendo. Nintendo needs a winner after the disaster that was Wii U, and the Switch, with the right game support, could be just that winner.

We won't see how this works for a while to come, but it's still likely good news afoot for not only Nintendo, but also EA, who has every reason to encourage such a pattern for its own good and opening up a new market in the process.

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