Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One

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Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One

One of the greatest disparities between console and PC gaming has been the input method. While the console gamer has a single-purpose gamepad controller that handles most all the functions of a typical game, PC gamers have an entire keyboard's worth of commands to work with. Xbox One gamers may have similar capability afoot, though mouse support is said to still be some time off.

Reports note that keyboard support will be available not only through UWP cross-platform development, but also through the Xbox Live Creators Program, which is still in its preview stages.

Already developers are showing interest, according to Andrew Parsons, Microsoft's senior program manager for game developers. While there are some functions--like chat--that would be particularly noteworthy here, there's one point that demands attention: converting games on Windows to games on Xbox One, a development that some publishers are apparently eager to start up.

This is a development that's been eagerly awaited for some time; Xbox One players are likely wondering why there isn't more of an intermingling between Xbox One and PC operations. They're both largely dependent on Microsoft infrastructure, after all, so why couldn't the two be more closely interconnected that Xbox One systems could play PC games? Given that the Xbox One is essentially a Windows 10 device with its own app store infrastructure, the jump from console to console-style gaming PC may not be so far a leap.

If Microsoft ever were to make the Xbox One effectively an easy-to-use gaming PC--or even if it could make Project Scorpio into such a system--that would effectively ramp up the player base to a level so substantial that few third-party game makers wouldn't want in. Gamers would likely be eager to try out some of those impressive new gaming experiences like the Steam Sale or certain PC exclusives--I know I'd love to see Freeman Star Edge make an appearance on Xbox One--and if there are more gamers interested, that means more developments, and more satisfied gamers, kicking off that same virtuous cycle that we talked about yesterday.

It will be exciting to see just where this goes, and we may well hear more about the PC / Xbox migration when word about Project Scorpio starts coming out, potentially at next month's E3 event. I'm certainly looking forward to it!

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