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SmartPhoneMan and His Interaction with Media Servers on St. Patrick's Day

Last week we made it about halfway through SmartPhoneMan’s day.  Let’s finish his day.  Right now, he’s in a rush to...

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Verizon Invites the Channel Once More

Jon Arnold wrote up a good review of Verizon's Broad Cloud offering (VCE). One glaring problem is that it targets in...

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Media Servers and St. Patrick's Day

Last week I wrote about the important role media servers play in the network.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day and let’s...

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What Can You Learn from Target?

I was reading a couple of articles about Target. The retailer has not been doing well lately, including closing all Canada...

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Media Servers Will Play an Increasingly Important Role for Telco Apps

Media servers play an important role in enabling many of the real-time communications applications many of us use every day.  When...

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How a "Wi-Fi first" strategy benefits EMEA MSOs

By: Steve Davidson, European Marketing Director for Cable, Alcatel-Lucent

From original Alcatel-Lucent TechZine posting

A Wi-Fi first strategy can help multi-system operators (MSOs) remain competitive in the evolving marketplace.  Wi-Fi enabled devices default to using the cable operator’s Wi-Fi network for voice, and cellular equipped devices can switch to cellular when out of Wi-Fi range.

Although nuances in the business drivers for adopting such a strategy vary by region globally, this model turns the traditional cellular voice paradigm on its head.

Just like other communications or media industries, MSOs face a dynamic and extremely competitive market. As a result, in EMEA, they have evolved their end-user offerings to embrace market-leading fixed high speed internet access, Wi-Fi connectivity, and bundled mobile cellular services using mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) partnerships.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, subscribers have made a widespread move to Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablets. A European commission study stated that 71% of all EU wireless data traffic in 2012 was delivered to smartphones and tablets using Wi-Fi. This is expected to rise to 78% by 2016.

European MSOs have already invested in Wi-Fi and offer data connectivity services in and out of the home. This not only is a customer retention strategy, but also lets MSOs build out further value added services (VAS) and can reduce data costs of their MVNO agreements.  So if we now contemplate the delivery of voice to these Wi-Fi enabled devices, how do we get started?

Existing Mobility Assets

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Xbox One Gets A New Edge, This Time Thanks To Skype
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Exclusives Abound With Next Generation Console Releases
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Can The Xbox One Keep Its Cool?
Does Microsoft Plan A Bounty On Gaming Trolls?
Nintendo Recovers To Net Profit, But For How Long?
Who Needs A Game Publisher, Anyway?
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Xbox One Shakes Up Next-Gen Again With Self-Publishing Reports
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On The Importance Of Controls
Ubisoft's World Looks A Lot More Open
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A Free Oculus Rift? More Possible Than You Might Think
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EA's 2014 Fiscal Year Seems Short On Star Wars
Do Games Need To Get Shorter?
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Selling Games In A Saturated Market
Place Your Bets...On Android Games
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Nintendo's E3 Plans: Brilliance or a Dropped Ball?
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A Google Game Center May Be In The Works
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Got An Indie Game? Guess Who May Want To Publish It.
What's Killing Xbox 360 Sales?
Don't Look Now, Xbox, You're Not Alone
Storm8 Mobile Gaming Clears Major Milestone
Early Word Emerges On Xbox 720 Specs
A New Tax On Violent Video Games?
Valve Has A Familiar Idea Waiting For GDC 2013
What's So Strange About Star Wars: The Old Republic's Planet Makeb?
Fallout 4's Boston Return Seems A Bit More Likely Now
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The Best Of Gaming In 2012
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Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Taking Cues From Saints Row: The Third?
The Top Three Elements To Make A Gamer's Christmas A Top Scorer
How Will The Newtown Shooting Impact Game Investment?
A Cautionary Tale: The War Z Launch
Violent Video Games Don't Breed Violence
Who's The Last Game Company On The NASDAQ 100?
Has Google Already Predicted The Winner Of The Next Generation Console War?
Next Gen Gaming: Where Are The Leaks?
On The Monetization Of Games
Why Triple-A Gaming Isn't Doomed
Is Far Cry 3 A Sign Of Change In Gaming?
What Should Be Done About Bad Sports In Video Games?
Book A Trip To Solstheim This Christmas With Skyrim!
Hitman: Absolution Marketing Takes Things A Bit Too Far
When Quirky Just Ain't Enough
DayZ Looking A Lot More MMO These Days
Why The Apple Response To Boyfriend Maker May Spur HTML5 Development
Is It Worth It To Buy A Wii U?
Is There Still Room In The Market For New Consoles?
Three Things I'm Thankful For In Gaming
An Xbox Game With Hourly Rates?
What Unexpected Device Tops Kids' Gaming Wish List?
What Does The Xbox World Report Mean For Gaming?
Is Wasteland 2 Taking The Science Part Of Science Fiction Too Far?
Nintendo 3DS Destroys PlayStation Vita In Japan
The Holodeck Needs Less Than You Think To Start
Ten Minutes Of Introduction To The Elder Scrolls Online
In The World of Warcraft, The Panda Is King
What Drove Activision's Big Gains This Quarter?
Disney, Nintendo Next To Hook Up In Wii U Promotional Barrage
GameStop Exec Clears Nearly Two Million In Embezzlement Scheme
Slumping Vita, DS Beginning Of Mobile Console Gaming's End?
Is Another Obstacle In Digital Only Gaming Poised To Fall?
Disney Buys LucasArts--What This Could Mean For Gaming
Social Gaming's Biggest Failing? Not Enough Social
Will Future Consoles Be Loss Leaders?
Why Federal Funding For Games Isn't A Bad Idea
Do Zynga's Big Layoffs Signal Trouble For Social Gaming?
What Happens When A Successful Kickstarter Isn't Good Enough?
What's Got Eidos' Ian Livingstone Seeing Red?
What Did Gaming Have To Do With The Potential Firing Of 19 Chinese Bureaucrats?
Are Consoles Doomed?
Why The EA Coupon Glitch May Be A Blessing In Disguise
Three Wildly Underappreciated Concepts In Gaming
Will Variety Prove The Spice Of The Free-To-Play Market?
Why Are Investors Fleeing Social Gaming?
Three Ways The Microsoft Xbox 720 Can Win Next-Generation Glory
Why Microsoft's MyAchievements Program Is Just A Good Start
Will The Xbox Entertainment Bundle Make Microsoft A Full Entertainment Solution?
Should You Pay For A Game Review?
What Drives Players To Mobile Games?
Can A Game Franchise Survive A Reboot?
Why Can't I Stop Playing The Last Stand--Dead Zone?
Will Sony's Day 1 Digital Program Change The Way You Buy Games?
Are Video Game Shows Dying Out?
Did Zynga & Relativity Media Just Shift A Paradigm When No One Was Looking?
Tokyo Game Show Shows Off The PlayStation Hardware
Will Nancy Tellum Tell Microsoft How To Put New Life In The 360?
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