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See a Top 10 Tech Speaker at IoT Evolution in July

The tech space is moving so incredibly quickly that you have to attend conferences, webinars and scour the news to be aware...

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SIP Trunks and Whaaaat???...Gateways...but not SBCs?

Back in March, I wrote a blog about the PSTN sunset. But in reality legacy technologies are still in use.  I know this since...

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Waiting on the Channel

Whether it is TPX CEO Richard Jalkut or other channel executives, providers are impatiently waiting on the channel to jump off...

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Solving the Data Analytics Skills Gap

Data analytics is doing absolutely amazing things for companies... Recently, Vodafone worked with a venture-backed company Celonis to improve efficiency. The results...

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Don't Judge the Microsoft Surface Pro by its Reviews

Disclosure: we use an iPad Pro and iPhone and a Microsoft Surface Book on a daily basis so you can see we...

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Fax Still Going Strong

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet with most of our Japanese fax customers in Tokyo.  Fax, like many PSTN...

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2 Blockbuster Deals

The VADs (value added distributors) are feeling the pinch of the growth of cloud, SAAS, SD-WAN, managed services - amid the...

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A Look at the Nuka World Trailer

August 17, 2016

Soon enough, the final Fallout 4 downloadable content (DLC) piece will be in our hands, and the good news is that it looks like it's going to be quite a treat. It's a shame, admittedly, that four out of the other five pieces of DLC can never match it, but with a new trailer emerged, we'll get a little advance look at how it might come out. The good news is that this looks pretty sound, and may be the best DLC there is. What a way to go out!

First, a bit of good news to start off the good news parade: we'll get this one out August 30, which is great news, because we're just a little less than two weeks out from getting to run this one through our systems.

Who Makes More Money: Olympic Athletes or Professional Gamers?

August 16, 2016

Now that's a question that will probably leave some scratching their heads most vigorously. After all, we're talking about Olympic athletes, the pride of any nation, those who every four years go forth and attempt to throw things and run fast for a couple weeks at a clip. With an intro like that, you've probably puzzled out the answer to the question, as it turns out that pro gamers actually make more than their Olympic counterparts.

The reports make it clear that Olympic athletes aren't exactly super well paid, though that varies based on location. For instance, in the United States, an Olympic gold medal is worth a $25,000 stipend to its winner, while silver rates $15,000 and bronze $10,000.

Firefly Games Lands Big Investment to Focus on Movie Tie-Ins

August 15, 2016

We all know, and in many cases, from years or even decades of practical experience, that movie tie-in games seldom go well. They go almost as well as movies based on games, and anyone who's seen more than a half-dozen of them knows how well that goes. Firefly Games, meanwhile, has managed to not only land investment in its plan to bring more Hollywood to gaming, but a new report suggests that it's managed to pull in a second round. That second round was worth $10 million, at last report, and that's big news.

Interestingly, this time, one of the biggest investors in this $10 million round was an unusual source: China Construction Bank International Holdings.

Ottumwa Opens Up Video Game Walk of Fame

August 10, 2016

Admittedly, Ottumwa, Iowa isn't what most people think of right away when they think of video game heavy cities. Some might think of Redmond, or Seattle, or even New York or Chicago. Me, I think of Schaumberg, which is pretty close to Chicago anyway. Ottumwa has a little more claim to the video game city title than some might expect, and that just got augmented thanks to a new landmark, the Video Game Walk of Fame.

Already home to the Video Game Hall of Fame, and the self-described Video Game capital of the world, the newly minted Video Game Walk of Fame will feature some of the biggest names in the field.

What's Stopping Universities From Teaching VR Development?

August 9, 2016

Virtual reality (VR) development might seem like the wave of the future, and not without reason. This is the technology that may well open up a future where we can go just about anywhere and see just about anything right from the comfort of our own living room. It's a technology that will bring new meaning to the word "Staycation." Meanwhile, the next generation of developers in VR is facing some unexpected shortfalls as universities are proving unable to teach VR development. What's stopping them?

808 EarCanz Wireless Earbuds Review: Finicky But Worth The Struggle

August 8, 2016

Earbud headphones don't always work the greatest for me. I have large and unusually-shaped ears--a lot like my deceased grandfather's, actually--and so slipping a module directly into my oddly-shaped ear canal doesn't always end well. The 808 EarCanz wireless earbuds--a set of which 808 sent out for review--worked a little better than the ordinary, and despite some finicky little issues, produced a sound audio experience that's highly portable and barely noticeable to the user.

The 808 EarCanz wireless earbuds offer a built-in battery that allows for six hours of continuous operation on one charge, a set of different-sized earbuds to allow the best, closest fit complete with optional rubber protrusions known as "ear fins" for different sizes. There's also a travel pouch, a USB charging cable to recharge the batteries, and the ability to take calls on a hands-free basis with an included microphone.

"Finicky" is actually a great way to describe these.

A Wait and See Attitude with VR Won't Cut It

August 3, 2016

It's tempting, when a new technology emerges, to be aloof and let cooler heads prevail. Why go plunging off after the latest possible fad only to discover that it is indeed just another fad, the kind of which has been in play for years? The problem with that notion, of course, is that it cedes first-mover advantage to other firms, and also delivers other unpleasant side effects.

The initial reports suggest that virtual reality--one of the biggest new potential fads around--won't really be a profitable market until 2017 and beyond, thanks to a combination of high prices and few software items available. Those numbers are changing as more early adopters get into the field, but it's still fairly slim.

Stop Laughing: Konami Wants to Win Gamers' Trust Back

August 3, 2016

It was easily one of the most hilariously sad moments of the 2016 presidential race, when Jeb Bush got up on stage at an event and, in mid-speech, stared out into the audience and mournfully requested that the audience "please clap." Recently, Konami got a look at just such a phenomenon as it took to Reddit and sought to "win gamers' trust back."

For those who remember the recent goings-on with Hideo Kojima, the pachinko scandal, the canceled games and plenty of other developments, Konami's plan to win back gamers' trust is about like thalidomide winning pregnant mothers' trust back. This led to Konami's social media manager heading over to Reddit in what has been, so far, a month-long campaign to help drive gamers back to Konami after a series of middle fingers directly to the gamer. So far, said manager--a gent named Ben--has been waging this war with the kind of dogged determination that almost makes you respect him out of sheer bravado, fielding complaints and answering pointed questions with all the poise of a master politician.

Ben's also tipped the hand on a few new developments, including some upcoming Metal Gear Solid titles, though admittedly that's about a big a surprise as saying that I have exclusive information that says the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

Shutdowns, Shutdowns, Shutdowns: Gaming Pulls in on Several Fronts

August 1, 2016

As is the case in any industry, sometimes new products show up, and sometimes old products die off. Recently, the dieoff side of the coin seems a bit stronger than normal, as two major new efforts were announced shut down by their owners.

First, BioWare announced that it was shutting down the forums around some of its biggest properties, including those for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Though noting that it wasn't an "easy decision" to shut down the forums, BioWare effectively took official notice that Facebook and Twitter exist. Plus, apparently, fans also enjoy connecting on Tumblr and Reddit, so BioWare seems to have figured that developers and fans can talk better on platforms that BioWare isn't directly paying the bandwidth costs to operate.

Why Sonic Mania is So Important to Sega

July 27, 2016

Admittedly, when I first heard about Sonic Mania, I rolled my eyes sufficiently hard that they landed in the next room. It's not pleasant fishing your eyes out of the kitchen sink. A bit of hyperbole, yes, but the eye-rolling was still very much a thing. Out at Comic-Con, Sega showed off a pair of new Sonic games, and some believe that Sonic Mania--the 2D side-scroller--would actually be the more important of the duo.

Sonic Mania looks a lot like what Sonic games used to look like, down to zones and acts and everything else.

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