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Why TelePacific is Re-Branding

In this podcast, I speak with TelePacific's SVP Ken Bisnoff on why TelePacific is re-branding. The CLEC of old is gone....

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Communications Tech Development = Code + Human Resources > Enter OpenSIPs Summit 2017 Amsterdam

A big difference between a successful communications technology corporation, startup or project and a flop is the development of the solution behind...

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Telecom Tidbits (part # 2450)

Amazon Using Trojan Horse Approach To Go After Smartphone Voice Market. Amazon is agressively pursuing the voice personal assistant market, focusing...

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Telecom Tidbits (#2449)

Telecom is still broken. Ordering a 1GB Internet port in a Lit building has turned from a 2 week turn up...

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Shock! IBM Reverses Telecommuting Policy. Here's Why

It's mind-boggling. It's incredible. The biggest news in tech culture is without question  the reversal by IBM regarding a telecommuting policy which...

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What does having no PSTN lines really mean?

There are firm actions starting to take place about PSTN sunset.  What this means is that our landline networks that we...

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10 Seismic Communications Trends Creating Billions in New Value

People need not apply in our brave new communications future Communications was once a person-to-person mechanism allowing individuals to collaborate or share...

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Congressional Rep Questioned Over Steam Charges

April 6, 2016

The idea of a Steam bill for $1,302 sounds unnerving enough, but when it comes from a U.S. Congressman, that's one to raise an eyebrow or two. That's the setup for a recent inquiry from the Federal Election Commission, who recently began questioning Duncan Hunter about said Steam bill, which may have been paid with campaign funds.

The $1,302 bill--the result of 68 separate charges--was the result of a mistake made by Hunter's son, and Hunter subsequently registered the charges as "personal expense -- to be paid back." It began when Hunter's son used Hunter's credit card to buy a game on Steam, but it didn't take long for several charges to show up afterward that weren't authorized. Hunter started out trying to get the charges reversed, and as such hasn't paid back the campaign.

How About More PC Games Coming to Xbox One?

April 5, 2016

Microsoft's recent moves to better integrate the Xbox One and the PC--as seen in moves like the Desktop App Converter and the ability to run Windows 10 on Xbox One--has left some concerned, and some optimistic. That led to Phil Spector recently stepping up to assure Xbox One players that all of their games would not also be available for PC. The only thing that came to mind when I heard that was, that's great, but what about the other way around?

There are a huge number of games available for PC players. Huge. For reference's sake, checking out the Steam homepage shows there are 206 products on sale this week.

What's coming to E3 2016? More Than You Might Think

April 4, 2016

While there's been a lot of word coming out of late as to what--and who--won't be seen at E3 2016, there's some recent word about what will be. The good news is that there will be quite a bit making the rounds. So for those who thought that E3 2016 wouldn't be worth watching, there's good news afoot according to a recent report from IGN.

Sequels will be out in huge proportions at the big show; Call of Duty 2016 will be on hand, as will Final Fantasy XV and Forza. Crackdown 3, Dishonored 2, Gears of War 4 and FIFA 17 are all expected for arrival.

Good Old Games Adds 2K's Lineup

March 30, 2016

One of the very few games that I actually still play from the original Xbox era is Sid Meier's Pirates. It's a fun little title, full of cruising around the Caribbean, blasting ships, fighting captains, engaging in political intrigue and more. It's now part of the lineup at Good Old Games, and it's joined by a host of other games from 2K.

On hand are several X-COM titles, in a complete classic bundle including titles like Terror from the Deep, UFO Defense, Interceptor, Apocalypse and Enforcer. That's a fine start, but Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3 are on hand, and bundled with Sid Meier's Railroads as well.

Brace Yourself for GTA 6

March 29, 2016

Yes, it's true, at least at last report; Grand Theft Auto 6 has already started development, and we're poised to get another round of ultra-violent criminal action on the streets of yet another new and interesting location.

Interestingly, this comes out at the same time as reports that there was one target in mind for the Grand Theft Auto series, and that was Tokyo. The plan was scuttled, ultimately, because the city streets of Tokyo were entirely too narrow for a proper staging of GTA. Had it gone to plan, however, it might ultimately have replaced Vice City, or just came out alongside it.

A Third Round of Two Worlds?

March 28, 2016

Two Worlds was, depending on who you talk to, an underappreciated gem or a colossal waste of time. The second Two Worlds, meanwhile, was somewhat better received. With this pair of examples in play, it's easy to see why a third wouldn't be out of line, and this title may be ready to break into the next generation console market fairly soon.

The report from Topware Interactive says that Two Worlds III is currently undergoing development for a future release. What's more, last-generation title Two Worlds II will be getting not only new content--fresh DLC--for a game that turned five years old about two months ago.

Wii U, RIP

March 23, 2016

And so, that's it. One of the shortest hardware generations of all time has kicked off the beginning of the end, such as it was. The Wii U is done, and already, some are talking about the Nintendo NX and just what will happen with this new system...and other developments.

Word from the Nikkei newspaper in Japan spelled it out; production has officially shut down on the Wii U, or at least some of its accessories, with others--including the system--to follow. Nintendo will then refocus its efforts on mobile games and the new Nintendo NX device, reports suggest.

The Wii U suffered difficulty on several fronts, starting with an unusual design and followed up by a drought of games so marked there would be lengthy lags between single releases in some case.

A Big Event for Deep Silver at E3 2016?

March 22, 2016

While we've heard a lot about E3 2016 lately, it's usually been in terms of who's not coming. One new addition to the lineup of who's actually showing up at the big show is Deep Silver, who's planning to have a big presence on hand but also planning to show off some exciting new material.

Granted, we haven't heard much out of Deep Silver lately, so the potential for most anything could be on hand. We haven't seen a Metro release from them in some time, and the last time they had anything to say about Saints Row was when the re-release of Saints Row IV came out along with the DLC and the Gat Out of Hell expansion pack.

However, the dark horse of the event was a little thing called Dead Island 2, the last word of which we saw out of E3 2014.

The Division: Satisfying Yet Annoying

March 21, 2016

This was a piece I'd hoped to have written last week, but after some unexpected incidents, it wound up delayed to today. My first weekend with The Division went about as I'd expected it to, with some parts that were less than enjoyable. But read on, good friends; read on and see my first weekend with The Division.

Having played through several levels, reaching level eight, I can say that I had a pretty fine time of it. Wandering the post-virus streets of New York, blasting thugs with a progressively more-powerful set of arrow comparisons--otherwise known as weapons--and ultimately learning that much more about the horrible yet all too plausible plague that one day may well hit the real New York, was a surprisingly exciting time.

Oh, it wasn't all sunshine and dead thugs.

GDC 2016: 2Dark Offers a Serial Killer Dust-Up

March 16, 2016

Horror gaming has been a bit on the outs lately, and while we've had some interesting new titles crop up like Oxenfree and Pony Island come out, it's been a fairly light season for the last couple months. However, recent word from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 event brought out a trailer for a new and rather exciting piece called 2Dark.

2Dark takes us out to Gloomywood, where you--playing a gent with the almost clear alias of "Mr. Smith"--are out to recover the town's supply of children, recently stolen by a coterie of serial killers who may or may not be working together. Mr. Smith will plunge through a series of deeply unpleasant places to find the lost tykes and return them unto their waiting parents.

With limited uses of light sources, and a game dynamic that actually encourages you to stay in the dark as long as possible--the light gives your position away to the child-killing maniacs--while also making as little sound as possible, the end result is a whole new level of stealth gaming that requires careful planning and equally careful execution to survive. Worse, some kids have actually developed Stockholm Syndrome, and aren't interested in leaving their captors.

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