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Target and Casper, Retail is now like Telecom

Retailers are now a lot like broadband providersCasper sells a mattress that rolls up and comes in a box and has rave...

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Merger Synergies and CX

Sonus is merging with GENBAND. Last year Sonus bought Taqua for $20M. The talk is all about synergies and higher EBITDA....

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Telecom Tidbits # 2457

Some help with Robocalls. Pass it along. Private equity firm, TPG, last year acquired RCN and Grande. Now they are grabbing...

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Is the Cisco VNI Right?

I come across many business plans that utilize the Cisco VNI, and these business plans and business often speak of it...

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What Happened to LinkedIn?

This week there have been two posts on my feed about "We can connect but don't spam me!" The discussion was...

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If Starting Today as an Agent

If I was starting my telecom agency today, what would I do? When I started in 1999, I was selling basically...

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The Rise of AI in Communications

Data, Data everywhere but not a byte to thinkData, Data everywhere buy why are the bytes not linked? As economical compute power...

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eSports Make Push to Nigeria with African Gaming League

October 17, 2016

We all knew that eSports was gaining a lot of ground, but what wasn't immediately clear just how global this concept was getting. A new report out of Africa revealed that it was making moves in Nigeria, as some new effort was bringing eSports into the region with the newly-minted African Gaming League.

Launched by Amaete Umanah and a slate of co-founders, the African Gaming League will launch via a set of four cities throughout Nigeria, in which the league's first tournament will take place. Though there are a host of gamers on the continent, Umanah notes, such gamers have been somewhat ignored by the gaming companies. Thus the African Gaming League rose up to do the job itself.

With eSports poised to take in around $493 million by the end of this year, there's plenty of reason to step into the market.

Presence Capital's Amitt Mahajan Talks 2017 Market for VR and AR

October 12, 2016

If you've been looking at the market for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with the kind of excitement that's warranted for such a huge potential market, then the recent word from Presence Capital's Amitt Mahajan should be welcome. Though 2016 was marked with heavy investment in the VR and AR spaces, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that 2017 will be that much lighter.

2016 was marked by a host of new platforms and investments in the market, and Mahajan suggests that we're just getting started. Indeed, Mahajan beleives that we're in the start of a "long cycle" of events that will deliver still more change to the market. With Presence Capital already putting investment in 25 different firms, this company has quite a bit of capital committed in the field.

With some investments maturing, and new investments advancing, that means a lot more opportunity that's likely to come.

Can Pokemon Go Help You Live Longer?

October 11, 2016

Sounds like clickbait, doesn't it? Well, that's not the case, at least not based on a recent study from Stanford and Microsoft, and it's about for the reason you'd expect.

Essentially, those who play Pokemon Go fairly actively are getting fairly active, getting about 26 percent more physical activity than they were beforehand, so says the combined effort of Microsoft Research and Stanford University. Essentially, those walking around looking for Pokemon to capture are putting in almost 1,500 steps extra per day, which is a healthy chunk of healthy activity. In fact, Pokemon Go has gotten a lot of players a little fitter; cumulatively, Pokemon Go has added around 144 billion steps to US physical activity just since July.

What's more, the reality may even be better than the study notes; the study only covers users of Microsoft Band, a $250 wearable device, and those who were actually willing to share their activity.

Report: Hacker Group Lizard Squad Loses Members to Arrest

October 10, 2016

Back in 2014, some will remember, the hacker collective known as Lizard Squad took on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, delivering an attack in the midst of the holiday season. While there were some concerns that a holiday attack might have come again with the last holiday season, that concern is a little less likely now as some of Lizard Squad's membership was arrested recently.

The two members in question, according to a report from the Department of Justice, were Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy--currently in custody in the Netherlands--and Zachary Buchta, taken in in Maryland. Both were 19, and connected to an investigation into other alleged efforts by Lizard Squad, including a kind of "revenge for hire" service involving threatening phone calls and other distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

These weren't the first arrests connected to the attacks, as some of them go back to August of 2015.

Updates Are Starting to Get in the Way of a Good Gaming Experience

October 5, 2016

There is one thing about this gaming generation that I'm not at all happy with, and so I'm taking today to make mention of this point. You've likely already gleaned it from the headline, and my problem of the day is the growing number of updates games are requiring.

Now, I'm glad for one great move Microsoft made recently, allowing users to pause downloads for specific times. But sometimes, these updates get so numerous and so substantial that they need to be scheduled over the course of several days. This morning, I got up and set about a normal workday when I discovered that websites were opening sluggishly.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Gaming Mouse Review: Beautiful Controls, Unnecessary Accoutrements

October 4, 2016

Those who wanted a better, more stylish way to control their games often turn to specialized gaming mice. Our friends out at the Max Borges Agency sent over a SteelSeries Rival 500 gaming mouse for us to try, and this little beauty will do just about everything you could ask for it. Perhaps the only downside to it is that it will also do a lot of things no one will ask for, wondering why those functions are even there in the first place.

The Rival 500 comes with a host of controls, including a series of side buttons that allow for different levels of control. A flickdown switch in the range of the thumb buttons allows for further control options, and a mechanical button lock on the mouse's underside allows those flickdown buttons to become a thumb rest.

Vuzix iWear Video Headphones Review: Superlative-Defying

October 3, 2016

Today we've got something downright extraordinary today to review; our friends at the Max Borges Agency sent out, though on a trial basis only, a set of Vuzix iWear video headphones. I ran this system through its paces with a variety of audio and video options and the end result, almost universally, was a constant string of spectacular events.

The Vuzix iWear video headphones are basically what they say they are: a set of headphones with a video screen option, such that the end result looks like viewing a 125-inch screen from a distance of 10 feet. Packin a 40mm driver with frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, some impressive sounds can be had here.

A Future for Gears of War May Go Beyond the Shooter

September 28, 2016

Sometimes a game franchise takes on a certain look, and the idea of going beyond that can be unnerving to say the least. It can turn off gamers, and make a release that required a lot of time and cash to put together little more than an afterthought. It's been done before, though, and it may well be done again, this time, for Gears of War.

Word from The Coalition director Chuck Osieja and Xbox head Phil Spencer suggests that Gears of War could go in a different direction, and not necessarily the shooter. While discussing the topic at Xbox Fanfest, an unexpected move emerged as Spencer warned Osieja visibly to frame his response carefully to the notion of different genres.

NBA Elements Make Unexpected Push into eSports

September 27, 2016

An odd new development recently came to light as some major NBA figures recently made an equally major move in the field of eSports. Golden State Warriors' Peter Guber, along with a group of other features including none other than Magic Johnson, bought the controlling interest in Team Liquid, one of the biggest figures in eSports around.

The exact amount of the deal was unclear, but we know that the entire industry right now is worth around $493 million, no mean feat in and of itself. Plus, there are projections that suggest this entire industry could turn over $1.1 billion annually in revenue just by 2019, so those who get in now may be getting in on a potentially massive industry in the making.

Oddly, this isn't the first time the NBA has been seen getting involved in eSports; not so long ago, the Philadelphia 76ers were seen purchasing a competitive gaming team, making the Guber coterie something of a johnny-come-lately to the affair. Still, it's clearly early days, and any involvement right now will put those involved near the tip of the spear.

Team Liquid's co-CEO, Victor Goossens, commented "In a way, our involvement in leading Liquid is even more assured now than when we were sole owners.

Want to Game for Money? Jetpack Joyride Might Help

September 26, 2016

The idea of being a professional gamer may seem out of line, and with good reason. This field represents some of the best talent in gaming, and most of us are not the best. That's just the way it goes with such endeavors, at least until it becomes so popular that just about anyone can do it. It might, however, make you enough cash to buy dinner if you're reasonably skilled, thanks to a new move that will bring Jetpack Joyride to casinos.

The arrangement between Gamblit Gaming and Halfbrick Studios is bringing Jetpack Joyride to casino floors.

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