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Making Sense of Blockchain and Nothing Can Be Hidden in it?

The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital, on January 11, 2018, announced they had invested in Emercoin and would support the ground-breaking...

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Openpath Intros Next-Gen Access Control System

As everything in our lives has become smart; the phone, speaker, lights, cities, thermostats and doorbells, the reality is that pretty much...

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ZiipRoom Intros Must-Have Videoconferencing Solution

Friction or resistance is generally used to slow things down. In fact, a car's braking system is a great example of something very...

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Small Businesses Have Unique Needs When it Comes to Communication Systems

If you have a small business, chances are you have a business communication phone system someplace on premise.  That PBX communication system...

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ChatBots are Marching

Chances are you have talked to a Chatbot and didn’t even know it.  Like most contact center innovations, Chatbots have been driven...

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Why is the PSTN Long Tail So Long?

Even though VoIP and IP communications in general is now dominating all landline communications, why is the PSTN still there?  Why doesn’t...

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Cloudstudio with Your UCaaS, Would You Like Fries With That?

McDonald's is famous for asking customers if they want fries with their order and as a result, over the years, they have...

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Is Microsoft Plotting MMO Entry?

August 7, 2012

Unexpected bit of news--and it's extremely early-stage stuff, so expect speculation to be rampant on this one--as Microsoft puts in a trademark on the name "Galactic Reign". What is Galactic Reign? What does it mean? And does it mark a whole new field of play for beleaguered Microsoft?

It's not surprising to note that Microsoft has a variety of deals in progress with a variety of publishers right now.

Does Dawnguard Explain Sony's Horrible First Quarter In Gaming?

August 2, 2012

It's a strange question I put before you, and a question that may well not have an answer. The numbers for Sony's first quarter have been released, and the news, especially for the gaming side of the equation, isn't looking good. But does Skyrim's recently-released DLC, Dawnguard, explain why?

The numbers looked like the fiscal equivalent of a train wreck, if the train were carrying the equivalent of all the fake blood used in the entire Saw series. Sony's first quarter accounted for a $312 million loss.

The War Z Takes A Lot of New Ground In Under A Day

August 1, 2012

Some interesting news has emerged around The War Z, which we talked about here not too long ago. This interesting little slice of zombie apocalypse intermingled with MMO gameplay has brought some equally interesting statistics along with it. First is the revelation that it's got a new website. This by itself wouldn't mean all that much, really, except for the purely unavoidable fact that the beta also opened up, and in just under 24 hours, the beta already has 100,000 interested signups.

Now, obviously, the measure of a game's success by the number of players interested in the beta is shaky at best.

Does Take Two Need Another Grand Theft Auto?

July 31, 2012

While out roaming the news channels looking for something interesting to bring you today, I found something that downright spoke to me. Specifically, the confluence of two particular chunks of news about popular game studio Take-Two. One, a bit of news about their investor call, and two, a bit of news about a pre-order title that's doing quite well.

Take-Two had its investor call earlier today, and on the lips of many investors was a common theme: "Where is Grand Theft Auto V?"  Sufficiently so that Take-Two got hit with three questions about the title in rapid succession, and by all reports, answers were short in coming and even shorter in terms of satisfaction. Making things worse were the fact that GTA 5 was apparently factored in to Take-Two's impressive revenue projections, but despite this, still had a TBA release date. Given that holiday shopping season--Christmas, naturally, but also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and others in there too--isn't exactly far off, this was a good question.

Katamari Damacy Hits Museum Of Modern Art In New York

July 30, 2012

Admittedly, the idea of Katamari Damacy as art is a bit of a puzzler, yet then again, the game itself is so bizarre that calling it art isn't out of line. Agreeing with my perception that Katamari Damacy isn't out of line as art is the Museum of Modern Art in New York, who will be featuring it as part of an exhibit.

Set to run July 29 through November 5, the "Century of the Child: Growing By Design" exhibit represents "an overview of the modernist preoccupation with children and childhood as a paradigm for progressive design thinking." While that may sound pretentious, Katamari Damacy fits in as part of an exhibit of toys and games, and an explanation of part of what drove childhood through the 20th century, along with designs of ball parks, schools and the like.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Katamari Damacy. I've played three games' worth and every time it never fails to make me happy. Rolling up large chunks of reality and turning them into a star, planet, or other celestial object because my father is a nigh-omnipotent idiot that is, relative to me, the size of the Chrysler Building is actually an entertaining concept.

Planetside 2 Trailer Lands, Beta Starts Next Week

July 26, 2012

Who says trailers are just for game conventions? Sure, E3 and PAX and the like have put up trailers and to spare, but sometimes, you get a little something special dropped in your lap not due to any date. That's how I got to take a look at the trailer for Planetside 2.

The trailer is clearly following a protagonist who contains two thirds of the world's known supply of awesome and one third of the world's known supply of stupid as he, and a group of his highly-expendable cohorts who make Star Trek redshirts look long-lived by comparison decide to take on a whole field full of killer robots. They won't be using cover to do so, but will rather be relying on high speeds and sheer machismo from armor-mounted jet packs.

Is Gaming's Future In The Cloud?

July 25, 2012

Today comes as the result of special request, folks, as I was shown a very interesting article from the folks out at Fortune. In it, they not only talk about what may well be the future of gaming, but also a potential reason why E3 wasn't all that hot this year. Turns out we may be looking in the wrong direction in terms of the future of gaming, and instead, we should be looking toward the cloud.

With companies like Gaikai and OnLive offering up a new kind of gaming experience, one that doesn't require particularly burly hardware options, it's enough to make users--and pundits--alike wonder if maybe the idea of progressively more potent hardware isn't necessarily the way to go. The concept of electronic-only game purchasing isn't exactly a new one, but it's one that's been looked at a bit askance in the framework of bandwidth.

PS2's Haunting Ground Looks To Make PS3 Jump

July 24, 2012

Horror gaming is a clever if somewhat under-appreciated art form. Given all the horror movies lurking out there, you'd think that more games would try to catch that particular lightning in their own bottle, but it just doesn't seem to happen very often. That's going to change just a bit with the upcoming release of Haunting Ground for PS3.

Not surprisingly--especially to those who have played it previously--the ESRB slapped an M rating on the title. For those who haven't played it, meanwhile, the game revolves around a young lady named Fiona, who, along with her dog Hewie, finds herself stuck in the midst of a haunted castle.

Best Buy Summer Gaming Blowout Looks To Make Big Splash

July 23, 2012

As we've all known for some time thanks to the magic that is a calendar, it's summer. While summer used to mean long hours of high heat and brightness that would scorch the paint of your retinas, so to speak, these days it means something a little different. Following the ultra-successful Steam sale, in which perfectly good games were sold off at rock-bottom prices, Best Buy is looking to go forth and do likewise with their own kind of summer sale.

Dubbed the Best Buy Summer Gaming Blowout, it will put up no less than 100 games and accessories up for grabs, including Assassin's Creed Revelations, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Just Dance 3 for a meager $10 each. Gears of War 3 will set you back a whopping $15, while Metroid: Other M will sell for a crashingly low $5.

While Best Buy generally isn't first out of the gate when it comes to PC gaming, they'll pull out all the stops to get you a good deal here.

The War Z MMO Lands On Our PCs Soon

July 19, 2012

One thing I've often said, for years actually, is that there should be more zombie games out there. There's so much room for zombie games to happen in the first place--why on earth not bring them into play? Zombie shooters, zombie builders, zombie RPGs...well, seems that someone finally took me seriously, because The War Z is coming our way fairly soon...and it's an MMO.

Moreover, The War Z has a downright impressive release schedule in mind. It's currently in alpha state, and looks to launch a closed beta ahead of its release by the end of the year.

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