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Stop Laughing: Konami Wants to Win Gamers' Trust Back

It was easily one of the most hilariously sad moments of the 2016 presidential race, when Jeb Bush got up on stage at an event and, in mid-speech, stared out into the audience and mournfully requested that the audience "please...

Is Mad Max the Wasteland Match for Fallout 4?

With Labor Day weekend now one for the books, I can safely talk about how I spent a healthy dollop of it. Indeed, with September 1 recently arriving, so too did "Mad Max" arrive, and give us our first look...

Help Wanted: Gaming Puts On Major Expansion in U.S. Economy

Admittedly, the last several years of the economy in the United States has not been great. But there are notes that suggest things are on the mend, economically speaking, as unemployment rates drop and more businesses look to do some...

Gaming Innovation From A Surprising Source

With all the talk going on about the console market, it's worth taking a moment to look at some of the upcoming games in the field. There's a surprising amount of innovation coming up, and it's coming from a source...
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