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2015 Year in Gaming Review

Well, this is just about it for 2015, and man, it was quite the year. We had some big name material come out, and some very strange things in general happen. So with 2015 drawing to a close, I figured...

That's All He Can Stands: Kojima Ready to Open New Studio

And just like that, Konami's less than professional behavior comes back to bite it as it gets a new competitor. Hideo Kojima, easily one of the most put upon game directors out there, has formally exited Konami and started his...

PlayStation VR Pricing Drops, Sort Of

It's easily one of the biggest developments around, and the word about the PlayStation VR headset is enough to keep anyone's attention focused. But now, word from PlayStation president Andrew House suggests just how pricey the PlayStation VR will be...

E3 2014: Sony Brings The Gaming Heat In Its Press Conference

We saw yesterday that Microsoft did an absolute knockout job with its E3 presser, and it was a job that Microsoft sorely needed. With last year's huge defeat ringing in its ears, Microsoft made it clear, it was a gaming...
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