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We're Going to Nuka World!

So after a nearly five gigabyte download, the installation of the final downloadable content (DLC) pack for Fallout 4, Nuka World, was in place. Now, join me on an exciting trip to the greatest amusement park the Commonwealth--and most of...

Slate of Fallout 4 Gameplay Videos Strikes Pastebin

With just a few days left to go--those who stay up late Monday night will be rewarded with Fallout 4 gameplay--a flood of leaks has emerged ahead of what may well have been one of the best-kept secrets in gaming....

Playing the Villain: Hatred's Draw on Steam Greenlight

It may well be the most pronounced case of “playing the villain” ever to be noted in a game. A game called “Hatred” has been making the rounds, and is currently camped out on Steam Greenlight, seeking to get access...

Will VGX Finally Prove The Start of Fallout 4 News?

The idea of Fallout 4 has been enough to fire imaginations in gamers for some time now, but a pronounced lack of news has given rise to plenty of hoaxes. However, history suggests that we may well be facing the...
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