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Braven BRV-1M Speaker Review: Tiny Portable Powerhouse

When it comes to speakers, Braven has delivered some exciting audio gear in the past, and it doesn't look like there's any sign of stopping now. For even better news, the folks at the Max Borges Agency sent out a...

Back to Willamette with Dead Rising 4

This weekend was quite a welcome treat, as I had the opportunity to enjoy Dead Rising 4. Thought it wasn't exactly what I expected when it came out of the box, so to speak--it was a digital purchase, after all--it...

Microsoft Takes December in NPD Group Rankings

The recent results of an NPD Group study about console and software sales for perhaps the biggest shopping month of the year--December--had been eagerly anticipated for some time. Not only were they to be possibly validation of some significant moves...

Microsoft Takes November; Changes Afoot?

In life, there are few better ways to get people interested in a product than to offer it up cheap. That basic premise proved to be no exception for the Xbox One, as an NPD report showed that Microsoft didn't...

Part Game, Part App, Part Movie: The Hunting

I'm a sucker for a good horror movie. But even horror movies can get a bit dull, as you do nothing but sit there and watch. A game allows you to control the action, and that makes things a bit...

Xbox One Takes Top Slot in Black Friday Sales

Two things have been very clear for the last few months: 1. Microsoft its getting its lunch eaten by Sony in the market, and 2. Microsoft is not taking this development lying down. Several recent developments have hit from Microsoft...
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