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Oculus Calls Together The Biggest Names In Virtual Reality

Conferences aren't exactly new; there are conferences for just about every industry out there, and commonly, conferences are regarded as valuable tools to show off new products and services, as well as network with others in that particular field. Sometimes...

Fallout 4's Boston Return Seems A Bit More Likely Now

Not too long ago, we got some early word that suggested there was a return in the works for Fallout 4 and that we would likely be headed back to the East Coast, though not quite where we may have...

Do Zynga's Big Layoffs Signal Trouble For Social Gaming?

There are some out there that say social gaming is dead, to be replaced with mobile gaming instead. While this is hardly an item with a consensus behind it, the point remains that there are critical problems in the space,...

Is Fallout Going Back To The East Coast?

One of the biggest games out there that precious few people actually know anything about is the next Fallout title. While even the name is a bit tenuous--most are calling it Fallout 4 right now--there's a new report that suggests...