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Buy a New Game System on Black Friday / Cyber Monday? You Weren't Alone

While the battle between Microsoft and Sony for sales dominance has been ongoing for years now, Black Friday generated good news for both sides. The ongoing battle shows no signs of stopping, but a new report suggests Black Friday was...

What's the Most Anticipated Game of 2015? It's Not Fallout 4.

When I heard that slice of news earlier today, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Really? Really? "Fallout 4", the game that gamers all over the Web have been anticipating since those three magic numbers came out...

Five New Xbox Bundles: Is Microsoft Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice?

So some of the biggest news last week was the revelation that there would be fully five new Xbox One bundles coming out for the holiday shopping season. That's awesome, really it is...but if it seems familiar, that's because it...

The Fallout 4 Pre-Order Deal: A Brilliant Stupid Idea

I hate to say ill about any company willing to give away a free game in exchange for a pre-order, but there's one very serious problem with the Fallout 4 pre-order deal making the rounds on Xbox One. It's a...

Violent Video Games Don't Breed Violence

While the Sandy Hook killings are a tragedy deplored universally, old familiar scapegoats have emerged in the wake of this disaster as people try, desperately, to find rationality in the irrational. While gun rights are the first target in a...

What Should Be Done About Bad Sports In Video Games?

Thinking back on childhood, it's not hard to remember the days when "Nuh-uh / Yeah-huh" was considered respectable discourse, and where the ability to invent a counter to a potential enemy attack was enough to render it moot (I have...
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