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| The video game industry has gone from a mole hill to a mountain in no time flat, Chris DiMarco is your Sherpa as you endeavor to scale Mount “Everquest”

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GDC 2016: 2Dark Offers a Serial Killer Dust-Up

Horror gaming has been a bit on the outs lately, and while we've had some interesting new titles crop up like Oxenfree and Pony Island come out, it's been a fairly light season for the last couple months. However, recent...

No One Cares About the Indie Game? Don't Say That At PAX Prime.

With so much going on in the next couple months in terms of gaming--the Paris Games Week expo coming up, a host of releases on tap--it might be easy to overlook one of the newest major forces in gaming, the...

The Long Dark: Whither Survival Gaming?

Ever feel like the game “How to Survive” was horribly misnamed? Ever play hardcore mode on “Fallout: New Vegas” and wish every game was like that? There may be some hope as yet with a new kind of game that...

Microsoft Offers $75 In Freebies--Smart Move?

It's hard to imagine that the idea of offering free goodies to the fan base could ever be considered as not being a smart move, but the idea has more validity than some might think. Though it's got its high...

How Time's Gadget Of The Year List Shows Gaming's Mainstream Appeal

For a long time, many thought of gaming as something to hide, something to keep quiet, something better done in the confines of one's own home, especially if said gaming was done over a certain age. But the changing of...

Why The EA Coupon Glitch May Be A Blessing In Disguise

It's been making the rounds of late that EA recently made a fairly substantial mistake with a recent coupon code that resulted in easily thousands of games being given away. But while more than a few are laughing at EA's...
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