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Brace Yourselves: Retro Xbox Gaming is Coming

One, yes, I did just riff on Game of Thrones. And why not? It's still a thing. Two, I did so a smidge unclearly; it's not Xbox gaming that's coming soon, but rather Xbox 360 gaming that's coming. A bit...

Sony Survey Wants Insight on Future Development

A recent survey making the rounds for PlayStation 4 users is asking about what features should be coming to the console. While this is good news for players, it's also a strange survey in and of itself. The question isn't...

OneDrive, Xbox Music May Be Set To Combine

Microsoft's cloud might be about to get a little fuller, according to some new reports, thanks to a potential combination in the works that would combine OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage platform, with Xbox Music, the company's app for bringing music...
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