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Gamescom 2014: Microsoft Shows Its Hand

It's easy to forget about Gamescom; after all, it's not E3, it has nothing to do with Penny Arcade, and CES is still almost five months out. But Cologne, Germany's big gaming event packs in the excitement in its own...

Check Out The League Of Legends Finals' New Venue

Just yesterday, we got a look at how Major League Gaming was looking to step up its game by bringing in new video, offering up more opportunities for advertisers to get in on a major demographic and also give the...

Roccat To Roll Out Power Grid At Gamescom Show

With E3 now just a fond memory, and the next PAX show so far off in the distance you can't even really see it from here, the next game show, such as it is, will be the massive German extravaganza...
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