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New Sony Firmware Update May Mean Big Things

The ongoing battle for console supremacy likely won't stop any time soon, but a new report suggests that Sony may have a trick up its sleeve that's likely to secure Sony's win in this go-round of the great console wars....

Xbox One Gets At Least A Short-Term Price Cut With Titanfall Bundle

It's a topic that's been hot on the minds of gamers pretty much ever since the Xbox One was announced: when would the first round of price cuts arrive for this popular new system? It wasn't a question that was...

Microsoft Talks Used Games--Fees, Maybe

Something of good news emerged as Microsoft spilled the details on one of the biggest points of discussion surrounding the Xbox One: the issue of used games. While the news wasn't all good by any stretch, it is better news...

New Xbox Release Date, Pricing Suggested With New Reports

The next generation of console wars is about to shape up for good, folks, as a set of new reports came out concerning the new Xbox. The news isn't all good, nor is it all bad. But either way, the...

Has Google Already Predicted The Winner Of The Next Generation Console War?

Just recently, we were wondering what happened to all the rumors in the next generation console war. Well, one didn't slip out today, but there's a report in Venture Beat suggesting that Google may already know who the big winner...
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