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Smithsonian Makes Another Push on Preserving Video Game History

It would be easy here to scoff at the notion of "video game history." After all, this is an industry that's basically only existed for about 40 years or so, give or take, and depending one where exactly you start...

World of Warcraft Takes a Slot in Museum History

There's no denying that World of Warcraft is a major force in gaming, and has delivered a historical punch all its own. Some say it really started the current push for more massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) in...

Eight of Ten Households Have a Gaming Device

Once upon a time--we'll call it about the 1990s or so--in a place not so far away that we'll call the United States, video gaming was largely the province of social outcasts. To be a gamer back then was an...

Nintendo's Creator's Program: Tragedy or Disaster?

You know, there really are only so many times in life you actually get to watch a company shoot itself in the foot. The last one I remember, as far as games go, was back in 2013 where Microsoft slammed...

On Copyright, Let's Play Videos, and Symbiosis

A recent development in the YouTube community is proving somewhat jarring to fans of video game-related content, and to those viewers of same. Specifically, several providers of what are known as “Let's Play” videos are finding themselves on the bad...

Old Games: Deserving Of Preserving

I've been playing "Bioshock" for the last few days now since I picked it up as part of that big sale Microsoft was running on Xbox Live Arcade. But what was worse was, by the time I was neck deep...
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