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Gamers Making Money With Games: The New Business Model?

Have you ever played a role-playing game, like “Skyrim” for example, and wished it were that easy to make money in real time? If you've ever wished that you could fight a couple dozen goblins with a sword and make...

Gaming's Soon To Be Last Generation Not Dead Yet

Granted, these days, most of the focus is on the next generation of gaming. With the 2013 Gamescom event about to fire up in earnest, the eyes are squarely on the future, on the horizon, of gaming. But gaming's last...

In The World of Warcraft, The Panda Is King

So to kick this one off, we're going to ask--and then try desperately to answer--just one simple question: What is it about World of Warcraft and pandas? Really? Because despite all reason and good common sense, the launch of World...

What Drove Activision's Big Gains This Quarter?

It's earnings season, and as such, a lot of companies are putting up their numbers for the quarter. Activision was one such company announcing their numbers today, and the news for them was surprisingly good. Sufficiently surprisingly, in fact, to...

How Much Does The Iranian Blizzard Disconnect Have To Do With Iran?

Normally, when reports start landing about a game being banned in some entire countries, the eyes of outraged gamers start looking at the government of that country in question. Sure, they usually swing back around to their own government as...

Diablo 3 Brings The Deals With A Real-Money Auction House, Now Live

The concept of gold farming has, alternately, amazed and horrified me by turns. I love the thought of people being able to make money by playing video games, by finding things and offering them up for sale so people can...
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