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EvE: Valkyrie Ready to be the Big Name in VR eSports

While there's little doubt that eSports has been a pretty big concept ever since it first came on the scene--and has been making some really impressive gains thereafter--it's an idea that just doesn't seem to go quite as far as...

World of Warcraft Gold Soon to Mean Something

Long ago, I was a World of Warcraft player, back even before the days of the Lich King. I had a level 44 dwarf hunter, I believe it was, who went by the name of Glongg, and roamed the fields...

Can Gaming Make The Jump To Television?

An interesting new phenomenon is shaping up as far as gaming goes, and that's with games making a jump to television. But the trend is growing thanks to some recent new reports that make a new game headed for television.Recently,...

How The Digital Omnivore Is Changing Gaming

One interesting thing I spotted today was a new report from Deloitte, its "State of the Media Democracy" report. It was the seventh such report to emerge, and it had plenty of exciting information for just about every sector of...

Early Word On The Elder Scrolls Online Suggests Exciting Possibilities

Recently, some early reports started slipping out about The Elder Scrolls Online, the first MMO from Zenimax using the Elder Scrolls world as its backdrop. What's coming out around this title certainly bodes well for players, but the universal question...

Connecting Games: Wave Of The Future?

Something has been catching my attention lately, and though the news itself may be a bit old, the dots are starting to connect, or at least look like they're connecting. And like Rorschach told Nite Owl II, if it looks...
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