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A Big Event for Deep Silver at E3 2016?

While we've heard a lot about E3 2016 lately, it's usually been in terms of who's not coming. One new addition to the lineup of who's actually showing up at the big show is Deep Silver, who's planning to have...

The Solus Project: Why Controls Are Important

I was looking forward to trying out The Solus Project, and with good reason. Another open world survival game, one that had already been described as similar to Ark: Survival Evolved--a game I'm still enjoying like no tomorrow--posed an exciting...

Three Killer Fallout 4 DLC Locations

So we're all wondering just what the downloadable content (DLC) for Fallout 4  will be, and given that the word is that Fallout 4's DLC will be shaped by fan input, I'll go ahead and put up my own input...

Virtual Reality: A Failure From the Start?

While looking around for news, I spotted an unusual item from the Canadian Online Gamers Network that offered a rather stark conclusion right from the second paragraph: virtual reality is not the future of video gaming, and in the long...

Does Elite: Dangerous' Open World Take Open Worlds Too Far?

Open world games are often a lot of fun, with half the joy of such experiences being the ability to wander about the world at will, finding strange new things and having strange new experiences. But “Elite: Dangerous” might well...
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