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E3 Goes into Wide Release This Year

E3 was always something of a gamed system, according to reports, especially given the growing proliferation of independently-operated games media stations. Now, however, E3 is changing the way it's operating, and for the first time ever, officially opening up the...

Eight of Ten Households Have a Gaming Device

Once upon a time--we'll call it about the 1990s or so--in a place not so far away that we'll call the United States, video gaming was largely the province of social outcasts. To be a gamer back then was an...

Help Wanted: Gaming Puts On Major Expansion in U.S. Economy

Admittedly, the last several years of the economy in the United States has not been great. But there are notes that suggest things are on the mend, economically speaking, as unemployment rates drop and more businesses look to do some...

Gaming's Huge Surprise Demographic: Moms

When it comes to video gaming, we normally consider the kids first, then not too far behind them, the older folks who've been at it for a while. While debate has been going on for some time about the idea...

Video Games To Get Public Relations Makeover In New Campaign

Video games, lately, have taken something of a bad rap. With recent events making video games look like the fuel of massacres like Sandy Hook, and even the vice president taking potshots at the medium, it's not a bad time...
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