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Capcom Planning to Go to the Remake Well

There's little doubt--and there probably shouldn't have been much doubt to begin with-- that titles like Resident Evil HD were likely to do well in the field. The current word says that it actually did do well--very well, even--in terms...

Video Games To Get Public Relations Makeover In New Campaign

Video games, lately, have taken something of a bad rap. With recent events making video games look like the fuel of massacres like Sandy Hook, and even the vice president taking potshots at the medium, it's not a bad time...

A New Tax On Violent Video Games?

A disturbing new trend is making the rounds in the halls of a cash-strapped Congress following the Sandy Hill shootings. The familiar scapegoat of "violent video games" is making an appearance, and new laws are being proposed to address the...

PS2's Haunting Ground Looks To Make PS3 Jump

Horror gaming is a clever if somewhat under-appreciated art form. Given all the horror movies lurking out there, you'd think that more games would try to catch that particular lightning in their own bottle, but it just doesn't seem to...
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