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Chalk it up to yet another in the long, long, long string of Fallout 4 rumors that have come and gone over the years. Turns out that German trademark filing for “Shadow of Boston” you might have heard about was...

Freemium and Premium On One Console?

Just before we all tuck in to a monster Thanksgiving feed of turkey, assorted vegetables, and both stuffing and potatoes in one shot—not to mention dessert, seriously, don't mention dessert. I actually picked up a cherry cordial chocolate cake for...

Twas The Night Before Microsoft's Big Debut

There are only a few hours left until the big event, where the console wars are joined in earnest by the newest launch from Microsoft. But what will show up at tomorrow's event? What won't? I know there are some...

When Quirky Just Ain't Enough

It's no surprise to find that, in many cases, a lot of gamers are sick to death of the big pile of more of the same that so often lands on their store shelves. But what happens when quirky just...