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Back to Tamriel: the Remastered Version of Skyrim

Not long ago, the remastered version of Skyrim launched to bring players back to the northern coasts of Vvardenfell, and get us all thinking about going back to Tamriel for real this time. While it's not exactly the best news...

Microsoft Takes Stabs at Sony Practices, Future Models

Microsoft has been on the attack of late in the console wars, and running down the events of the last couple weeks suggests that Microsoft may be planning a way to take back its top slot from the drubbing it...

We're Going to Nuka World!

So after a nearly five gigabyte download, the installation of the final downloadable content (DLC) pack for Fallout 4, Nuka World, was in place. Now, join me on an exciting trip to the greatest amusement park the Commonwealth--and most of...

A Sad Last Look At 2013: The Lows Of The Year in Gaming

About this time of year, most folks involved in writing like to start looking back at the year that was, and start looking forward at the year that is yet to be. There's quite a bit to look back at,...
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