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Ubisoft's Quarterly Numbers Show The Bad Side Of A New Console Generation

A new generation of consoles is usually a pretty welcome thing. New opportunities to be amazed by great games, new graphics, new plots, new possibilities in general, not to mention a chance to ramp up all the old greats with...

Three Things To Be Thankful For In Gaming

And now, with Thanksgiving winding to its inevitable close, and the events of the longish weekend stretching out before us, it's worth taking a step back and looking at all the things out there that make us thankful. Of course,...

Ubisoft's Numbers Show Value of Open World Gaming

For a while, we've been considering the wider field of open world gaming and been able to talk about it largely in general details. Sure, we've been able to prove that there are plenty of open world games out there,...

Has The Xi3 Piston Thrown A Rod Already?

Very recently--like earlier today recently--the Xi3 Piston made something of an appearance, complete with some information about its spec loadout and similar matters. Though the Xi3 Piston isn't exactly a Steam Machine, it's set to offer many of the same...

Ubisoft's World Looks A Lot More Open

We've talked here before at length about the concept of open-world gaming and the delightful possibilities it offers. We've seen open-world gaming like the recently-released “State of Decay” tear up the sales charts. But for one game company, the future...

Is Far Cry 3 A Sign Of Change In Gaming?

So I finally managed to settle in with a copy of Far Cry 3 over the weekend, and not surprisingly, that gave me a lot to think about. In fact, I began to wonder if one main point of the...
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