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Emulation Saves Two Classic Games

Depending on who you ask, emulation is one of two things: a great way to keep large numbers of classic games in one place readily, or a massive crime spree in the making. However, some are starting to wonder if...

Virtual Reality: A Failure From the Start?

While looking around for news, I spotted an unusual item from the Canadian Online Gamers Network that offered a rather stark conclusion right from the second paragraph: virtual reality is not the future of video gaming, and in the long...

Trouble for Microsoft? Street Fighter V Goes Exclusive for PS4.

A bit of dark news closed out last week, at least, it's news of a darker variety for Microsoft fans. Capcom closed out the week with the announcement that Street Fighter 4 was making its way to consoles and PC,...

Twitch & Capcom Readying Street Fighter League

Real sports, generally, have a season. Fall, for example, is football's time to shine, and as fall fades into winter, basketball takes over into April and a bit beyond for the playoffs and finals, then major summer sports like baseball...

Capcom Cup Draws Fighters From All Over, Adding New Level To Pro Gaming

Most of the time, when people think about e-sports, it usually starts with a first-person shooter or a MOBA game. But not so long ago, fighting games were regarded as the ultimate in competition, and were what many thought of...
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