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Final Fantasy XV Difficulty A New Twist

Final Fantasy games have long been known for changing things, such that sequels seldom looked much like their predecessors. The difference between Seven and Eight was about the same as the difference between Eight and Nine, just for an example....

E3 2015: Sony's Presser Brings the Games, Wows the Crowds

With E3 steadily moving on, it's time to get a look at the second major player in the field--though these days it's more like first place considering all it's sold so far--and the news is looking pretty good for Sony...

Final Fantasy 7 To Hit PC Via Square Online Store Soon

Now stepping into the "Coming Soon" slot is no less than one of Square's biggest releases in history, as the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 will be hitting Square's online store in the not too distant future.The game will...
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