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E-Sports Gets A New Attraction With "Just Dance"

The Electronic Sports World Cup has added a new event to its roster as the Ubisoft title “Just Dance” joins the ranks as the first ever casual game for the series. This is a move that may seem strange on...

E-Sports Gets Another Boost With Planetside 2 in South Korea

The field of e-sports is one to watch, that's for sure, and it just got a little extra boost--at least, in South Korea--as the country will see the debut of Planetside 2 in a cooperative effort between Sony Online Entertainment...

An Exciting New Perspective in Gaming: First Person

One of the things that's always caught my attention about the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series are the combination of deep RPG gaming with the immersive quality of first-person gameplay in a wide open space that often kept me from...

For FPS Gamers, An Old Control Scheme Is Fading

This particular development certainly had my attention. It wasn't hard, as I was actually personally involved in it, after a fashion. But as it turns out, new reports are suggesting that an old standard in controls is on its way...

Is Far Cry 3 A Sign Of Change In Gaming?

So I finally managed to settle in with a copy of Far Cry 3 over the weekend, and not surprisingly, that gave me a lot to think about. In fact, I began to wonder if one main point of the...