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EA Changes its Mind on Nintendo Switch Support

There's some good news for Nintendo recently emerged as the company announced that its level of support for the Nintendo Switch system was going up. Originally pegged as "cautious," it's now gone clear to "bullish", and that likely means more...

Ubisoft's Quarterly Numbers Show The Bad Side Of A New Console Generation

A new generation of consoles is usually a pretty welcome thing. New opportunities to be amazed by great games, new graphics, new plots, new possibilities in general, not to mention a chance to ramp up all the old greats with...

Ubisoft's Numbers Show Value of Open World Gaming

For a while, we've been considering the wider field of open world gaming and been able to talk about it largely in general details. Sure, we've been able to prove that there are plenty of open world games out there,...

Nintendo Recovers To Net Profit, But For How Long?

Some great news landed for Nintendo recently, but at the same time, the news was underscored by a bit of a hit for the company, and one that may have some considering Nintendo's long-term viability as it relates to being...
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