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Steve Anderson
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| The video game industry has gone from a mole hill to a mountain in no time flat, Chris DiMarco is your Sherpa as you endeavor to scale Mount “Everquest”

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Redbox To Rent Next Gen Games This April?

The long, cold winter of 2013 – 2014 is coming to a close—whether it likes it or not, and based on the weather for much of this week the answer is decidedly “it does not like it one bit because...

Titanfall A Huge Download On PC--Are Games Getting Too Big?

I spotted an odd bit of news earlier today about the PC release of "Titanfall," in that it would represent around a 22 gigabyte download, and an even bigger installation thanks to the use of uncompressed audio. And after having...

Is Digital Delivery Doomed by the Infrastructure?

Talk to most any geek out there you care to name, and gently steer the subject to bandwidth caps in broadband data access. Chances are there will not be a lot of complimentary language on that topic; in fact, it's...
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