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Brace Yourself for GTA 6

Yes, it's true, at least at last report; Grand Theft Auto 6 has already started development, and we're poised to get another round of ultra-violent criminal action on the streets of yet another new and interesting location. Interestingly, this comes...

The Division Gets One Major Leak Thanks to its File Structure

While there are still plenty of questions to answer when it comes to The Division--it's coming out tomorrow, in fact--a closer look at the game's files shows just where this game is going. It's going into some very big places,...

Merry Christmas, Gamers: Holiday-Themed Events In Games

It's an interesting question, make no mistake. Most of us have played a game at one time or another in which a special holiday event or holiday-related memorabilia has come up. But do these things make our games better? Or...
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