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Imminent Next Gen Doesn't Slow Gamers Buying Much

A new report has emerged from the NPD Group that suggests that gaming purchases haven't slowed down much even with the imminent arrival of next generation consoles. The numbers tell an interesting story, but considering the numbers in the broader...

Gaming's Soon To Be Last Generation Not Dead Yet

Granted, these days, most of the focus is on the next generation of gaming. With the 2013 Gamescom event about to fire up in earnest, the eyes are squarely on the future, on the horizon, of gaming. But gaming's last...

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Crashes Into View

It was odd to see E3 come and go without a new trailer of "Grand Theft Auto V", but clearly, something major was in the works. The kind of something major that took a while to come to fruition, and...

Is GameStop Viable?

There were two unexpected points that emerged today that got me to thinking. Sometimes the best events are the things that are a synthesis of others, and these two items got me to asking a question: is GameStop as a...

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Taking Cues From Saints Row: The Third?

A provocative question, make no mistake, but one we're going to take a look at all the same. Several new still photos have emerged, and it's making me wonder if, maybe, Rockstar's looking to take some cues from their competitor.The...