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That's All He Can Stands: Kojima Ready to Open New Studio

And just like that, Konami's less than professional behavior comes back to bite it as it gets a new competitor. Hideo Kojima, easily one of the most put upon game directors out there, has formally exited Konami and started his...

Konami's Not Out of the Game Yet

It wasn't so long ago that we were looking at Konami with something like alarm, wondering why a company with so much killer IP to its credit was bugging out to focus on pachinko devices and slot machines. While there...

Is Konami's New Gaming Push a Sign of Revived Arcades?

A strange set of events came together recently, and left me with one disquieting concept in mind. Is the arcade, long thought killed by the rise of online and home console gaming, making a return? Even two years ago it...

Fallout 4 Fever Never Really Stopped

"Fallout 4". Just mentioning these words to a lot of gamers will make eyes flash with new life, and bring to mind a whole lot of exciting ideas. Some of us out there--and I count myself among them--have been awaiting...
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