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CES 2014: Nvidia Shows Streaming From PC to TV

While quite a bit has been made out of the Steam Machine, a concept that brings Steam gaming to the living room thanks to some particularly pleasant connectivity points and modified control schemes, the idea of streaming from a PC...

Is SteamOS the Start of a Living Room Destabilization?

The idea of a PC in the living room is really nothing new. Why should it be? PCs these days connect to an HD television just as easily as a monitor thanks to included HDMI ports, and a computer can...

Green Throttle Launch May Spark New Console War

Exciting news comes from console buffs today, who are likely to discover a whole new breed of console starting to make its way to the market. The best part is, in the case of Green Throttle, you already likely have...

CES 2013: Razer Brings Out The Edge Tablet

After last night's foray into CES gaming, it's impressive to discover that, once again, we've got another gaming topic to bring into play. A brand new gaming tablet has been unveiled, and it's special for a surprisingly large number of...

Will Steam's Big Picture Make PC Gaming The Next Big Console?

I admit, I was once a PC gamer. At the risk of dating myself, I was a PC gamer back in the days when knowing your way around a config.sys file wasn't just a smart idea, in many cases, it...