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What's Coming to PlayStation Experience 2015?

With some major game releases to come, it would be easy to forget that there's a major new show from Sony coming soon. It would be easy, but it would also be a bad idea. Because while there's a lot...

Even Microsoft Thinks It Might Be Second This Round

Microsoft might just be waving the white flag for this round of the console generation, as Phil Spencer himself appears to be doubting his platform's ability to catch up to Sony, declaring that the competing console brand had a "huge...

Microsoft Relents Further With Kinect

It's not hard to hand it to Microsoft. The company is clearly paying attention to what the gamers want and what they don't want. Sure, some may say—with perhaps a note or two of cynicism—that Microsoft is merely following the...

Microsoft Laments Style In Xbox One Presentation

Easily one of the most reviled things to come out of E3 in a long time, Microsoft's last presentation of Xbox One earned it a lot of negative press, a lot of backpedaling, and a lot of confusion. But recently,...

Can The IGN League Ever Be The Next NFL?

A recent bit of news arrived that, only yesterday, Blizzard purchased the IGN e-sports league, lock, stock and boxtop, in order to better facilitate the growth of a StarCraft II league. While this does bode well for gaming in general,...

Are Consoles Doomed?

Strange question to kick off with, but there's a reason to start with this. Trip Hawkins, the man who founded EA, brought out during an interview with IGN the principle that the console market, the very market that EA had...
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