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Sony Doubles Down on PlayStation

Sony does a lot more than just the PlayStation line; it's also a presence in mobile devices, in televisions, and in a variety of components. A recent ad for Sony showed Sony buying a film script, and then building that...

The iPhone 6: Good News for Gamers?

It's easy to look at the arrival of any new gaming platform and wonder if it will be, ultimately, good news for gamers or not. Certainly, before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ultimately made appearances, the question was often...

iPhone 5: Mobile Gaming's New Best Friend?

Naturally, with the emergence of the new iPhone 5S, a lot of people are taking a close look at this new device, and are emerging from this consideration with a variety of conclusions that seem to vary from one user...

The Biggest iPhone Games Of 2012 Have Something In Common

So there was some very interesting news to show up today thanks to a recent look at the iTunes games market. Turns out the top grossing iOS games and apps of 2012 all had one critical point in common.What was...

Should You Pay For A Game Review?

A practice that was part of the book review world for some time now seems to be making a play for the wider world and slipping into game reviews as well. Specifically, the practice of paying web sites to review...

What Will The iPhone 5 Do For Gamers?

Naturally, when a gamer looks at a piece of new hardware, like the iPhone 5, it's not too hard to ask the followup question: just what kind of impact will this have on my gaming? As it turns out, the...
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