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Xbox One's Game Preview System: Blessing or Curse?

So recently, being a console game buff, I got exposed to something that PC gamers have long since enjoyed, as such: the Game Preview system on Xbox One. Also known as "Early Access" over at Steam, the system allows for...

Sony Makes Indies A Big Offer For The Tokyo Game Show

While right now, most of the attention in the gaming world is focused squarely on Los Angeles and the upcoming E3 event—and with good reason—there's another event that comes not too far after that, and one that should make indie...

Microsoft ID@XBOX Games May Hit Early 2014

It's not the best news that gamers could have had, especially those gamers spoiling for a sweet, sweet slice of indie gaming joy from Microsoft and its new entrant into the next gen gaming stakes. But the indie developed games...

Oculus Rift and IndieCade Plotting Game Jam

One of the greatest principles in gaming is that the hardware is important, but it's not so important that it can succeed in isolation without games. Oculus and IndieCade are looking to get together and start a game jam to...

Microsoft Makes Moves To Accommodate Indies

It is impossible, anymore, to look at the concept of gaming--at any level, casual or core--without considering the indie developer in some way. Several major titles have emerged to firmly cement the indie in the gaming concept, and so, failing...

Got An Indie Game? Guess Who May Want To Publish It.

Right now, there are probably several hundred firms and individuals developing indie games for various systems. While many of these games, no matter how good they are, will never see the light of day, more of them than normal might...
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