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4A Games Is Planning Something Big For E3

With E3 just a little under a month out, there's time to wonder what's coming up from all the big developers. There's also time to wonder what's coming up from the smaller developers, and 4A Games, the developer of Metro:...

The Division: Satisfying Yet Annoying

This was a piece I'd hoped to have written last week, but after some unexpected incidents, it wound up delayed to today. My first weekend with The Division went about as I'd expected it to, with some parts that were...

The Division Beta Packed in the Crowds

Exciting news came from Ubisoft recently about the beta session for The Division; while the game itself is about another two weeks off release, the beta was extremely well-traveled, and there's a very good chance that this will be a...

Techland May Be Ready for Another Crack at Dead Island 2

Back when Dead Island first came out, it was said there was a little--or maybe more than a little--friction between its developer Techland and its publisher Deep Silver. That didn't bode well for the creation of Dead Island 2, which...

Phil Spencer's Plans for E3: First Party Exclusives

It's not surprising that people are already fueling up for E3. With the big event a little under two months out, and some tidbits already getting out like the fact that Bethesda's going to have its own presser at the...

Nintendo's Plan For Mobile Gets a Little More Detail

What a difference a day makes, huh? Yesterday we didn't have much detail at all around Nintendo's new NX platform, and now we've got word about Nintendo's earliest plans for mobile. These are actually some really interesting plans, too, and...
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