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Pyle Announces New Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar

An exciting new twist recently emerged for gamers out there who want a new level of experience in their gaming, no matter what the platform. More specifically, it's the Pyle Wi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar, and this could be a real...

Report: Hacker Group Lizard Squad Loses Members to Arrest

Back in 2014, some will remember, the hacker collective known as Lizard Squad took on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, delivering an attack in the midst of the holiday season. While there were some concerns that a holiday attack might...

Razer Plots a Serious Expansion Effort

Exciting news for those who follow the Razer line of PC gaming peripherals; we already know that Razer makes some of the best keyboards and computer mice and similar materials. Razer isn't going to rest on its reputation so far,...

Making Smarter Games: The Secret To Truly Mainstream Gaming?

Are games too much like porn? That's a strange question; leave aside the occasional “hot coffee” incident and games really aren't much like porn at all. There's little sex, no nudity to speak of, and content is so carefully regulated...
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