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Activision Blizzard Gets Huge Forecast Bump Thanks to Overwatch

Just when you think a company has a lock on its future, owning the biggest massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) experience in the market, along comes a whole new shock just to make sure you're paying attention. Activision...

Tobii Raises Big New Funding Round to Improve Eye Tracking

Tobii has been around for some time now--I remember hearing about them at least a couple years ago when they were working on eye-tracking systems. They're still working on them, at last report, as they're working to bring in an...

Turcom HR-903 Portable Speaker Review: Huge Sound, Portable Package

When it comes to gaming, it's hard to get by without great sound. It's possible, sure, but with so many games depending on voice acting and the right background music to heighten the mood, playing without sound is almost a...

Xbox One System Update Puts New Focus on Social

A new year, a new system update; granted, we're about three weeks into the new year, but it's soon enough for a fresh system update for the Xbox One. So what's inside this exciting new system update? A big chunk...

Andreessen Horowitz's Plan to Make Bigger Game Worlds

One of the biggest draws in gaming these days is the open world concept. While it's not exactly new, it's seeing a major expansion, with a host of games coming out that feature massive, expansive worlds to traverse in pursuit...

Microsoft Poised To Put Big Investment Into Games For Xbox One

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that has been noted around the Xbox One of late is the distressing lack of games. Indeed, the early launch topics didn't seem to have a whole lot to do with games at all,...
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